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Friday, January 23rd, 2009
12:11 am
Opening Eyes to the Northside
Yes We Can on the Northside!

In the hot sun of early September we are knocking on doors making sure residents are registered to vote, at their current address. That they know their polling place, plan to vote, and will volunteer. My partner and I walk across from one another in our dark green Ellison shirts carrying a clipboard and bags of lit.
Standing at the doorstep of houses that are big, old and beautiful, where little old ladies answer the door. They have lived here all their lives.
There are young guys with little dogs at their heals out mowing the lawn. Next door, Josh’s dad answers our knock and we chat about the neighborhood. I remember hanging out upstairs after school reading superhero comics, posters papering the walls, action figures holding court on the dresser.
Another night I walk past Anita’s old house where her mother now lives alone after her dad’s early death. At the corner we pass Crystal Lake cemetery where my great grampa John buried his parents, my ancestor’s, immigrants from Belfast, Martha and Alexander Ferguson.
I think about my grampa’s stories and his day’s delivery oil to the businesses and homes. Grampa talks about the fading Jewish population, the old store fronts closing their doors, the houses where whores were frying pork chops for breakfast and the money for the delivery was always on the dresser.

Neighbors are picking ripe tomatoes and we talk about how hard and strange this growing season has been. Small children answer the door with curious eyes. Watching and listening to us talk about the school referendum and the need for more money in education. I think about my days at North High now another lifetime ago. The Visual and Performing Arts magnet that drew me away from my neighborhood school, the writing program that kept me invested so that I might graduate.
Kids outside are riding their bikes and chasing each other up and down the sidewalk. They run past telling us no one lives there at the quiet house. Some empty houses have signs on the doors saying they have been winterized. Some the doorsteps are littered with faded junk mail warped from last weeks rain. Each night I pass at least a dozen of them, houses that use to be someone’s home. The kids follow us with their eyes then come running back eagerly telling us that we are at their house. They translate as best they can even though they don’t really know what an “election” is.
As it gets dark fewer doors open, outside lights click on. People furrow their brows and ask us what we are doing over North, outside after dark. But the truth is no one hassled us. One guy came around the side of his house with a shotgun and said his front door was bolted shut from the inside because they’d been burglarized so many times. But most people invited us in offered us something to drink. One lady an immigrant who was voting for the first time offered us a taste of the chicken and rice dish she had just made. The aroma was intoxicating. We stood chatting while she washed the plate and filled the dish with a taste.
Thursday, July 10th, 2008
9:28 am
Meeting Minutes July 9th 2008
Northside Writers Writers Meeting Minutes July 8th 2008

In Attendance: George Roberts, Debra Stone, Colnese Hendon, Laura Jean

Business & Announcements:

Reading: How did reading go?
Debra thought it was great, liked the Mushira
Colnese thought it went well
George raises question of whether we want to work harder to draw a larger audience? YES group agrees.
Laura suggests we pick a date now for fall to get a jump start of spreading the word

Fall Reading September 26th
Theme: Taking Risks
George will make postcards for August meeting 13th for members to send out
Camden News, North News
Debra will talk to Camden News,
George will talk to North News,
Insight Colnese will talk to
Spokesman Evette, George will contact
MTN Laura talk to Hamel about cable access.

Laura suggests the group print broadsides for spring and pushing to do more polished pieces as a group.
Those present seem to like the idea. George says we can use the presses in his studio. And could possibly have a show in the gallery.
Julie Landsman says she will take on overseeing production of the group’s next chapbook. George will talk to Julie about this and see if shooting for next fall would work for her.

Women of North Minneapolis:
Payment checks for those still waiting to be paid from the project Women of North Mpls were mailed out today.
We have a total of 7 interviews
George reports that there is left over funds that Earcie would like to go to the writer’s, George is unsure how this might work.

Debra suggests maybe we use the interviews for our next Chapbook,
Laura say’s maybe those funds could be used for that.

Next Meeting August 13th 7pm – 9pm
Wednesday, June 11th, 2008
10:42 pm
Meeting minutes
Northside Writers Group meeting 6/11/08

In Attendance:
George Roberts, Debra Stone, Colnese Hendon, Ariah Fine, Carol Ives, Laura Jean

Debra went to 10th Anniversary reading for “Other Voice” who will join us in our Summer solstice reading Friday June 20th Friday 6:00pm
The Writers Workshop Hennepin County Resource Development
1800 Chicago Ave Mpls MN 55404

Planning for reading: group bring food and wine to share.

George says we have plates and paper products, serving pieces, knifes and cutting board. Will need to bring your own bowl if have something in bowl.

Laura send note to group about bringing something to share.

Debra is a finalist for the Loft mentorship program

Format 6pm -6:30pm visit & have munchies, 6:30pm reading starts. MC introduces reading person follows by drawing a connection between readings. Mushira style Persian
Writers read for 5 minutes each

Ariah introduces himself new to area with wife and child. Enjoys writing creative fiction and does some freelance journal work.

Next meeting July 9th 2008
Tuesday, May 20th, 2008
10:37 pm
Mental Notes
No meeting was held in January 2008

I did not attend the February meeting so I'll need to check and see if anyone took minutes.

It's seems like I should have minutes for the March meetings someplace......still looking.

April and May are now complete, mailed and posted. So that's something.

Lets see what exercises have we done this year

February ??

March ? SPAM old email spam lines worked into a piece of writing.

April ?? This may have been SPAM continued.

May write about something you don't remember, that is something you have been told about, heard about but do not remember first hand.
10:21 pm
Minutes that never saw the day of light, revealed at 10pm
Northside Writers Group Meeting Minutes
December 12th 2007

In Attendance: George Roberts, Debra Stone, Carol Ives, Laura Jean

News & Information:
Group received a thank you from the Northside Arts Collective, for donating two books at to their auction.

George handed out bookmarks that he and Bev have decided to make 4 times a year to pass out in community.

Intermedia Arts Public reading in January the 7th Monday 7 – 9 pm and, 9th 7 – 9pm Wednesday Debra reading on Wednesday

Group decides to meet at Intermedia Arts and attend reading.
Debra will be out of town for two weeks in January.
10:18 pm
Northside Writers Group Meeting Minutes April 2008

Debra Stone, Colnese Hendon, Julie Pinomaki, Laura Jean, Ruth Peterson

George Roberts out of Town

Friday April 18th by 5pm 1011 Washington at Open Book
Loft Writers Mentorship program.
15 page submission
Prose, Poetry, Creative Non-Fiction
No charge to enter, stipend
The Loft dot org for more info

Debra asks if we plan to have a spring reading?

Colnese (and Ruth) would like copy’s of Northside Writer’s chapbook

Julie explains exercise, old spam of random descriptive words. George said we should use words in order.

Well Stated Vernal flowering pile weave
Least-cited pita fiber neak-hole
Lamp socket turkey-foot tally walk
More anglico dry-eyed Inca bone
Terror-fleet lead peroxide re-eligibility
Dense-minded handy-pandy lily-cheeked
Key horizon twice-associated wealth-yielding
9:53 pm
Meeting Minutes
Northside Writers Group Meeting Minutes 5/14/08

In Atendance:
George Roberts, Debra Stone, Colnese Hendon, Carol Ives, Julie Pinomaki, Laura Jean


Philip Henandez
Hernandez involved in communications work and board member, NAC Bio’s with Photos on website for NAC, Northside Arts Collective website
Also works at Northpoint Health and Wellness
Wants us to write biography’s for artists on NAC website
“Writers On Call” - George Roberts
Philip will talk with marketing team.

June 7th Spring Arts Party Project starting after this event
160 artists, writers interested will interview artists and write bio’s for website
two or three paragraphs

Debra, Laura, George, Julie, Carol, are interested in participating
George will email me interviews that Bev has done as examples.

Women of North Minneapolis submit invoice or resubmit
Send George copy or piece for record all via email and George will take invoices to our fiscal agent.
Then group will discuss possibilities of what we might be able to do with the completed pieces.
Earcie has moved out of state to live near family, future of project uncertain but seems unlikely more will happen with it in it’s current state.

Northside Writers Group Solstice Reading
June 20th Friday 6 - 6:30pm welcome visitors, munchies and beverages
6:30pm Reading begins
7:15pm guest readers
Think about another group of writers we want to invite……..
Debra will invite 1800 CRC artists and writers groups
(fast thinkers, I know)
Hennepin County Resource Development, 1800 Chicago Avenue Mpls, MN 55404

Get together info by June 1st to advertise

Suggested theme for reading beginnings and endings.
Group will use form of reading in Persia next person has to draw a connection to the last persons work with what they plan to read.
Readers plan on up to 5 minutes

Next meeting June 11th
Thursday, December 13th, 2007
12:32 am
Free movie ticket for Two Thursday night [Dec. 13th, 2007|12:27 am]

The Orphanage www.theorphanagemovie.com, an advance screening December 13th 2007 at the Lagoon Cinema 7:30pm
by Guillermo Del Toro

If interested please let me know. I'm home in the pm so you could swing by or if convenient I could maybe bring it too you.
Saturday, November 3rd, 2007
8:54 pm
Meeting Minutes
Northside Writer Group
Meeting Minutes 10/10/07

In Attendance:
Ronald Henderson, Carol Ives, Debra Stone, George Roberts,
Laura Jean, David Zander, Earcie Allen

Laura will finish Reva Rosenblom and schedule interview with Deanna Smith
and contact Earcie

Business/ Announcements:
Earcie stops by to touch base with Debra Stone

Fall Reading October 19th Friday 6:30pm – 7pm mingle and begin at 7pm
Debra MC?
Let Debra know if you want to read
Advertised on Write on Radio that people can come and read their own work or read something by favorite author

Group will bring:
Artichoke Heart, breads and olives Carol
Chocolates David
Studio will provide wine and water

What are we doing about inviting people?
George will make post card that we can send out in email and will try to have done by tomorrow.
David Z will contact someone at high school
Laura contact Uncle Tom, Josh, David??? Jane
Theme is memory or memories

HAIL Hmong American Institute have been invited to read
Debra will announce good news when she returns from running home to get her reading

“Holiday on 44th” much more compact people really turn out for the events. Patrick Henry
December 7th David Zander asks if we want to participate in this event to read.
Talked about what didn’t work at FLOW and what might work at this event.

November meeting have an exercise that gives us a united theme to read at this event
Group will think about creating an appropriate exercise
Laura will touch base with group and let us know ahead who is bringing the exercise.

Ronald – started writing 2 years ago when he had time to reflect and grow during that time he started writing about political issues and has joined a poetry club. Recently joined a club it’s called the Dowling School, Intermedia Arts and is applying for scholarship.

Next meeting November 14th 2007 7 - 9pm at Homewood Studios
Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007
12:15 am
A Science Fiction Convention with Folk Music. Our Guest of Honor is both a writer and musician

Please visit our Website:


Check out info about our exciting Guests of Honor, (we have several hehe)


and here at his website

You can reserve a hotel room here:


And you can register online here:

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007
1:04 pm
Meeting Minutes 8/8/07, Northside Writers Group

In Attendance: Debra Stone, Carol Ives, Laura Jean, Earcie Allen, Michelle Lewis, Julie Landsman

Announcements: FLOW anyone go to the Cookie Cart? Didn’t work out very well. Owner wouldn’t turn off fan while writers read. No cookies for sale. Not clear why they chose to be a site. People would drop in but not stay there were not seats for people to sit. Not conducive to a reading, better for visual art display.

Bill Cottman and Earcie Allen have work up at the McDonalds and they’ve gotten good response about the pieces from people who have been through there during FLOW.
Capri Theater was well attended; kids from PYC did spoken word and kids doing dance routines.
Northside Arts Collective Office was open and received good press from channel 5 and 11 news and on MPR. People came in to pick up Membership forms.
Dudley Wilson(?) Person in charge of organizing event. Debra will contact with fed back.

Earcie Allen has interviewed Betsy Smith. Julie has completed her interview.
Laura Jean will finish her writing on Vicky Coifman.
And will schedule with Earcie another interview
Carol is also still interested in interviewing.

Julie Landsman invites writers to come to Sumner Library Thursday August 30th 2007
Celebrate with the Sumner Poetry Group presents poems from our year together.
4 – 6pm , food, poems and a little jazz, in the Cargill Room. A group from 4 – 65 have been writing reading and laughing with each other since January.
Bring your own poems to share, or just come to listen.

Fall Reading talk on line about theme for reading and talk about possible dates in October?
Memorials and memories

Earcie talks about website by Io Palmer put up a project “serveandproject.com”

Next meeting September 12th 2007

Debra introduces Writing practices will send a list to Laura Jean and people can chose from there something to write about.

Laura Jean will e-mail out list of writers to group

Michelle suggests we write about the farmers market. The group writes for ten minutes and then reads.
12:59 pm
Meeting Minutes 7/11/07 Northside Writers Group

In Attendance:
George Roberts, Michelle Lewis, Laura Jean, Julie Landsman, Amy Wilsman, Julie Pinomaki, David Zander, Carol Ives

Announcements: We are invited to read for FLOW, Saturday July 28th
4 – 9pm
Northside Youth Standup will be stenciling the sidewalk that day at Homewood Studios so George would like to pick an hour to commit too. Cookie Cart is between Emerson and Freemont on Broadway. It’s a business by the church that teaches kids to bake and make profit.
Group agrees to 7 – 8pm.
Group agrees to select family friendly lighter pieces to share

Spoken Word group Teens Rock the Mic, which recently disbanded due to lack of funds, Tish Jones does a lot with this group. We would like to end up collaborating with them and be on stage together.
We could try and get the Capri theater to let us have a show there. Would like to meet and have a public dialogue with the group.

Julie says she could get in touch with Reggie who probably had a lot of connections.

PCYC Amy reports back on how the class went. Jim Dillion a math teacher was there two hours on two different days working on Concrete Poetry with 7th grade. Amy is thinking about how to do more physical activities that incorporate writing.

George mentions Jack Zipes, Fairy tales in the Classroom
The Grammar of Imagination, Rodarly books about writing with kids

Friday night Hmong writers and performers will be here at Homewood studios from 6 -9pm using a similar format as we did in our last reading intermittently stopping things to read a piece.
Sunday, June 17th, 2007
8:57 pm
Meeting Minutes 6/13/07
Northside Writers Group
Meeting Minutes June 13th 2007

In Attendance: George Roberts, Debra Stone, Michelle Lewis, Carol Ives, Amy Wilsman, Julie Landsman, Julie Pinomaki, David Zander

Next Meeting: August 8th 2007 7pm – 9pm

Teaching summer writing classes June 17th – July 13th 2007

Looking for us to work with young group and older group
Class size 10 -12

10 -1pm, 4 days a week Mon – Thur for one hour

Teams of two writers went in each week.

George is suppose to call tomorrow and let them know who is interested and pass along info.
George collects info from group on days and times we are available.

By teaching this class we are earning our membership to The Northside Arts Collective which will serve as our fiscal agent this year.

Spring Arts Party
Debra thanx group members for volunteering to run writing booth at the Spring Arts party in the park.
Paper Depot donated the paper, had story ideas in galvanized pail, stickers, markers, kids did a lot of writing.
George brings out the things kids wrote and group looks them over.

We sold 5 or 6 of our chapbooks at the event.
Friday, May 4th, 2007
12:41 pm
The Good Old Days
Food For thought
Approximately 1,906 words
The Good Old Days

I am buying a turkey, my first turkey. I know nothing about buying a large poultry item, what to look for, how to chose.
My gramma has made the turkey, hosted every Thanksgiving of my 31 years at her home in south Minneapolis. But now at the age of 81 she has decided she is done, that it is too much work. I ask her how big of a bird I should buy and she pulls out her fragmented notes gathered over her many years of preparing Thanksgiving dinner. She has much information on scraps of paper, taped in her cookbook next to printed recipes. The papers are soft with age and fall back to there folds. Some are cut out of magazines, newspapers; some are written in my great grandmother’s writing, and some do not have recipes. All of them are golden, a nicotine glow, the pencil writing faded. I treasure the familiar smell of the old papers even though they’re saturated with cigarette smoke buried deep in the fibers.
The notes tell you how long to thaw out the bird, and how big it needs to be to serve various numbers of guests. My gramma tells me she buys a fifteen to twenty pound bird and an extra breast even though there are only thirteen of us now. She buys a frozen turkey well in advance and tells me “Take it out of the freezer at least a week ahead, even earlier, they take forever to thaw. It always takes longer then they predict.”

I remember the buzz of energy in those final minutes crowded in the kitchen before the dinner came together. The whole house smells of a wonderful mix of savory turkey filled with stuffing and lingering cigarette smoke. All I have to do to be back there is look at the black and white photos hanging over the back radiator of my kitchen. I can close my eyes and smell my gramma’s house, hear the chatter and laughter, the clinking of dishes, pots and pans. My grandfather is leaning over the pot of potatoes that sits in the stainless steel sink, a half gallon of Land O’ Lakes milk on the counter. He mashes them by hand getting them perfectly lump free while my grandmother stirs the gravy slowly adding her milk and broth mixture. We’d switch off taking turns stirring the gravy, hovering, asking what we could do to help and carrying out the tasks my gramma orchestrated while waiting for my grandpa to finish the potatoes and carve the turkey. Then someone with clean hands would take the annual picture of my mother and I dangling salted turkey skin over our salivating mouths. We’d help excavate the dressing from the turkey, taste-testing pieces of meat that fell away as the bird was dismantled.

The guest list at my grandmother’s varied over my childhood but began to shrink once I grew up. When I was young my great aunt June, her daughter Mary Lou and granddaughter Maria would come. My two aunts, their husbands, my four cousins, my aunt’s sister-in-law, husband and two children, and my stepfather’s parents were familiar faces. My uncle Jim would bring the real-to-real movies from our last family gathering and we would huddle in the finished basement with it’s paneled walls and multicolored shag carpet, gold and orange and brown and sit in the dark watching our past laughing at the funny parts or our own silent films. I would pretend I was a movie star and rest assured I was quite the precocious ham for the camera. We happily watch ourselves I am posing, my head cocked I beam with a smile from ear to ear while my family laughs at me boldly stepping in front of the camera. Maria and I lay on our bellies with ice cubes wrapped in napkins and suck on them like flavored popsicles that would cool us down after much running around the house.

Us kids would drop Barbie down the laundry shoot in the back hall. Then we’d scramble back through the kitchen crawling under the table to get quickly past the adults, toward the back door and down the staircase to the laundry barrel to rescue her. The grown-ups dish up the potatoes; tuck the rolls wrapped in hot tin foil into baskets. I hear my aunt Penny asking everyone what they want to drink, and my other aunt Judy is pouring chocolate milk for us kids. My mother stands at the counter filling the four-part relish tray. She asks me to get things out of the fridge. I search by her description, a treasure hunt of things that seem foul to me. First I find the jar of dark green sickly little pickles, the Gherkins, their tiny pearly onions bob like zombie eyes. I furrow my brow when she twists the cap that pops and the smell of vinegar fills the air. Next I’m hunting for radishes she says they are mostly roundish with a thin red skin and white tops and bottoms. She tells me they look like little flowers, roses that my gramma has cut them into. I find them, half of them do look like little flowers the others she left whole and they look like the heads of ugly red-faced babies still angry they were ripped from the ground. Now she tells me I am looking for something black and I know it must be the salty olives. I place one on the tip of my finger and eye the pearly onion with contempt. I raise my one brow and tell my mother the olive would make a good socket for the onion. She says, “Cruelty to onions is prohibited until after dinner. “ Last she tells me to look for the pickled watermelon. I can’t for the life of me fathom what they must look like. She describes them to me but words fail to create an adequate picture of these pale slimly cuts of watermelon rind that have been turned from something with integrity to something that looks like it was extracted from a corpse. I see them and my nose crinkles up. My gramma and great aunt June are the only ones who enjoy eating them. They say gramma Mae or as they call her “Ma” use to like them. And suddenly they seem like food we are putting out for the dead. An offering.

(Back then, half the family smoked and drank and made merry. The lowball glasses and the bottles of liquor sat on a clean bath towel laid across the top of the washing machine. You can stand at the bottom of the basement steps and see them though the accordion door. The narrow east half of the basement housed a large extra freezer full of meats from my uncles farm fresh bacon, sausages, hamburger, pot roast, pork roast, pork chops, steaks and whole chickens. There are shelves of bread, marble rye, dark rye, wheat and white bread, dinner rolls, and ready to bake bread dough. Between the washing machine and the freezer stands a large old washtub that I use to love to bath in letting the water rise all the way to my shoulders. When I walk past it I keep wishing I still fit inside. Underneath the stairs are neat and tidy pantry shelves filled with boxes of scalloped potatoes, extra boxes of Kleenex and cheese puffs. Jars of jam, canned peaches, Campbell’s soups, Hormel chili, and cans of tuna fish are neatly lined up with the labels about face. A bin full of potatoes sits under the shelves another one stacked on top holds onions. To the side many packages of Charmin toilet paper wait.
Just past the washer and dryer is the old kitchen stove from the 1950’s a big solid white enamel stove with rounded edges where the extra turkey breast and rolls glow in the amber light. Next to it is a metal typewriter cart with an old typewriter and then the extra refrigerator filled with every soda imaginable or at least each kind that various family members preferred. Across from the fridge is the big old heavy cardboard barrel beneath the clothes shoot from the first floor hall where Barbie fell to her death many times over. The shoot my gramma used to toss my aunts Judy, and Penny and mother Mary’s unpicked up belongings down with the threat if it was still there when she did the wash it went in the trash.)

Over pie and coffee my gramma tells how it use to be when she was growing up to prepare for Thanksgiving. They would spend several days preparing their own turkey sitting at the kitchen table plucking out all of its pin feathers, soaking the bird. My gramma says “And the stink. Oh god how that stunk, cleaning out the birds. My mother use to make giblet gravy with the heart and the liver. She’d cook them up, and chop them into pieces for the gravy. I made it once because your grandfather and Jim wanted giblet gravy. So I made that and my gravy and they didn’t even touch the giblet gravy so that was the last of that. Never again.”
She tells us how preparing the food was part of the celebration. How they would sit around and talk through the day taking turns plucking the pin feathers. How they never had much food in the ice box after her mother divorced her father with five children and he died a few years later. My gramma says that on some holidays her step dad Ammi would get piss drunk as the night wore on and the men would start to fight knocking over things and rolling across the dining table. “He was shanty Irish.” She says shaking her head. “And my mother started going with him because she wanted to go dancing. And she and Ammi had gone to high school together. My dad never went dancing you know he was always sitting at the table working his numbers and figures for his inventions. He was a lot older then my mother. June told me last time she was here he invented those little metal sewer caps you see on all the sidewalks and boulevards. He improved the seals to keep out sand and dirt. He worked up at the old foundry on Broadway Ave on the north side. My brother Bud would go with him to the foundry. He moved with him with they got divorced but he had to come back and live with us when pa died. He was smart like my dad, good with numbers, electrical, anything really. He could play anything he’d heard just once on the piano. And when we all got together he would play piano and we would sing.”

After dessert My aunt Penny would flash the front light and her cousin Jeanie across the street would flash their light and they would call across the road their special call and the LeDuc’s my gramma’s brother and his family would come over as a group and wish us a happy Turkey day or Merry Christmas and they would start telling stories about when they were kids growing up here together and all us kids, first, second, and third cousins would listen and laugh about the “good old days.”

? Can I leave out the paragraphs in parentheses (Back then...to...in the trash). I dont' feel like it adds a lot and it slows me down when I'm reading it. What do you think?
Tuesday, March 20th, 2007
7:07 pm
Meeting Minutes 3/14/07
Northside Writers Group
Meeting Minutes March 14th 2007

In Attendance:
David Zander, George Roberts, Michelle Lewis,
Debra Stone, Christine Levens, Laura Jean

Joyce Owens Chapbook Project
Joyce Owens will send intro
Revisions not back from everyone yet.
George asks Debra to resend her revision
Says she will when computer returned from repair.
Carol Ives will send hers next week.

Food For Thought, Gallery Show
Approved by Curator of Food For Thought Show to do a reading.
We are one of two events that are scheduled.
The Truth of Myth Books unveiled.
Reading from Joyce Owens project should take 30 minutes and then read from Food for Thought. Anyone can submit work for show.

Group discusses what nights they’d like to host a reading
Friday May 4th of May 11th or Saturday 5th, 12th

After 6:30pm to 7:00pm

Group has preference for Friday the fourth 2007 preference
George will follow up with curators and get back to the group.

George has lots of paper products, members will donate food and drink as we have in the past.

Writers text will be mounted on foam core, each writer could have up to two pieces of form core 350 per page so max might be 700 words. George will also print nice ‘s of full text.

George needs text for Food For Thought by March 20 send post haste.

Sietu Jones is speaking on a Tuesday May 1st 2007 at 7pm

Laura will send David Zander food for thought exercise.

George asks Laura to resend bio

George reads Debra’s bio.

George asks us what impact we want our bios to have? He wants a cohesive feel to our bios.
-Mention Connection to NSWG, and passion for writing.
-Mention Northside Arts Collective.
Writers will rethink their bios for chapook and get them to George ASAP.

George asks if someone wants to write 150 word statement about the group for the chapbook.
Laura Jean volunteers, will write first draft and send it around.

Debra brought chapbook to show as an example of what our book will look like.

Michelle shares a book about poetry that she has read and enjoyed
Author Tony Hoagland
“Reak Sofistikasun” essays on poetry and craft,

David talks about book ‘Your life as Story”, Tristine Rainer
Writing about his work at the state capital and growing up in London

George filled David in on the webpage and Live Journal

For more info see website

Send David last months minutes

Discussion of business over move on to reading our work.
Writers share and Discuss their work
notes available to writers in group only

Writing Exercise

Make a list of gifts we have been given in life not narrowed to objects. Then select the one that has the most sensory details to it then write about it.

Can also write about dolls and your experiences with dolls, dolls you’ve had people you know who’ve collected dolls, how you feel towards dolls, dolls you received for gifts. Dolls you find creepy.

Next Meeting April 11th 2007
We will discuss the details of May’s show “Food for Thought” our reading and the unveiling of the Joyce Owens Projects.
Wednesday, February 21st, 2007
2:44 pm
February 14th 2007 Minutes
Northside Writers Groups Meeting Minutes

February 14th 2007

In Attendance: Debra Stone, Laura Jean, Earcie Allen, Michelle Lewis, Jerry Mullenhuer, George Roberts

Writers read from two past exercises:
Debra reads from her piece “How not to be a Victim of Crime”
10 tips to prevent being a victim

Laura suggests that she send it to George to add to Guerilla publications.

Last months writing exercise about doors:
For details ask ?’s
Laura and Debra read pieces about Doors and the memory’s they bring. And vow to work on them further.

Laura reads about grandparent’s front door.

Debra reads about the door to her basement growing up and the monsters behind it.

Food For Thought exhibit
Writing Exercise:
Christine Levens sends ideas for writing about food:

“Food brings lots of things to mind...consider these:

Who do you associate certain foods with? Your grandmother's sticky buns, or cheesy mashed potatoes...what did the house smell like when these things were cooked or baked? What did the kitchen look like? Describe the person making/creating the delicacy. How old are you in this memory and what else is going on in your life?

Often foods are associated with place and memory in a different way. For example: He broke up with me over a plate of cold scrambled eggs and burnt hash browns. Or my grandfather handed me a Granny Smith apple and told me to bite down...out came my front tooth. My great grandmother always kept peppermint stars and butterscotch discs in the bottom drawer of her bureau and my brother and I would race to it Sunday's after mass on our weekly visit with my father.

Lastly--food can recreate memory's of foreign places Mint-Juleps in Kentucky after a long weekend of Derby preparation and celebration, manchengo cheese in the April sun of a Tuesday afternoon in Madrid, braised beef in a dark mushroom wine sauces in a windowed cafe over looking the Charles River in Prague, or a grilled panini sandwich of basil, tomato and mozzarella warm in hand walking the cobbles of Paris at midnight surrounded by huddled couples and cafe lights.”

Writers Share their work:

The group does a writing exercise based on Christine Levens suggestions from 8pm – 8:30pm
Discussion about exhibit Food For Thought:
George will send Laura info about when Food For Thought show is.
George needs 3 days to prep foam core.

At Food For Thought group
will present Joyce Owens Pieces
and will read and post short pieces
Get pieces to George March 20th

Joyce Owens Project:
Proceeds apace. Please get your bios and final draft to George as soon as humanly possible.
Joyce has written intro rough draft and will get intro and the digital photos to George.
Carol is working on revision of Joyce Owens piece

Bios from Laura and Debra Stone
Final version Debra Stones has been sent to George.

Michelle calls for submissions of fiction for neighborhood paper the Willard Homewood Observer of creative, family friendly pieces up to roughly one page. Send to Michelle at ochne@hotmail.com.
This is an online paper and can be found at http://www.willard-homewood.org/

Laura Announces Party at Harriet Manor March 24th 2007

George has set up dummy book of Guerilla leaflets and is working to tweak it in Indesign, which he has been learning to use. He will bring a copy when it’s ready.

Laura will
Resend Live Journal links to writers.

Writers remember to visit old Forum to read and comment on posted work.

Food For Thought Deadline March 20th. If you would like to participate please get content to George by this deadline.

Next Meeting March 14th 2007
Mark your calendars; we hope to see you there!
2:27 pm
January 10th 2007 Minutes
Meeting Minutes January 10th 2007

In Attendance;
George Roberts, Julie Landsmen, Christine Levens, Michelle Lewis, Jerry Mullenhuer, Debra Stone, Laura Jean, Carol Ives, Ruth Peterson

Announcements; Joyce Ownes, George shows Jerry the dummy copy. Since last month George has talked to Dick Boulger of Boulger Printing, printing 1.25 per copy to do color, cardstock copy with saddle stitching.
ways to individualize each copy, cost is the same regardless of print number. If we want to move forward we can take trip to printing company.
Jerry asks if we are thinking of doing periodicals.
George says we do seem to be moving towards some self publications.
If we are moving forward we need to consider type, dingbats(sp?) etc.
George is learning Indesign
Title page, info about north side writers, Set deadlines, Table of Contents, bios???
If we get changes addition made by end of January George will bring new dummy book next month
Have everyone send bio for up to one hundred words
Intro written by artist, Subject line Truth of Myth
Writers will chip in to cover printing costs,
Deadline last changes Feb then send to printer ready to distribute March

“How not to become a victim of crime”

www.willard-homewood.org neighborhood newsletter by Michelle
Email Christine about How not to be victim exercise
LiveJournal.com email group about live journal
Fringe Festival group discusses applying for the fringe and applying for waiver.
Laura will email group

Food Show Food for thought show in April what does nourishment mean?
Collaborate with food show and the press release of our book and spring reading
Late April early May

Writers Share Their Work

Writing exercises
“How not to become a criminal”

“Writing from Prison”
Don Samuals - George will send out info about
George invites you to think about a door from a place you have lived and pay attention to the memories and history that the memory of the door leads you to.
2:15 pm
December 13th 2006 Minutes
Northside writers group Meeting Minutes 2006 December 13th.

In Attendance:
George Roberts, Debra Stone and Laura Jean

Tony Roberts not coming to give a tutorial. New website has security problems so we will be looking at putting a public page on HWS current web page.

George Roberts brought the dummy book for the Joyce Owens projects. The next step is to review and look for someone to fund publishing the project.

Writers discuss the challenge of making time for their writing.

Art and Fear - book that looks at possibilty of what gets in the way of you being the artist you want to be.

Discussing somehow winds to condo's and neighborhood development.

Carol Ives shows up and we revisit the Joyce Owens "Dummy book"

Need to think about charging for copies possibly to support paying our membership dues to The North side arts collective.

Laura suggests we consider participating in the Fringe Festival next summer.

Carol asks about volunteering for Debra Stone at Nellie Stone Johnson school.
They agree to talk more later.

Writers Share their Work

George, Carol, Laura and Debra are interested in "Guerilla writing"

George suggests.
Limit number of copies.

There’s a way to do an eight-paged book.

Laura to send piece to George and he will do layout for an eight paged booked.

Suggests common cover for recognizability.

Uses Michael Mann's booklet as an example.

Boldger Printing in St Paul might be willing in publishing our Joyce Owens books for cost. George asked advice about getting it printed and what it would cost.

Best bet is to contact small presses or the Loft. Say we're looking for some place to find support for printing projects.

Look for grants for printing. Also suggests writing to the state arts council to include writing/publishing grants.

George was unable to bring his piece of writing due to a misunderstanding at the gallery.

Think about design for the guerilla piece.

George will send Joyce Owen pieces to Laura Jean and she'll have her friend David to edit.

Meeting will be changing to the second Wednesday of the month from January to June. January meeting will be the 10th so George may not make it as it's his wife Bev's birthday.
2:06 pm
November 14th 2006 Minutes
Meeting Minutes
Northside Writers Group
November 14th 2006

In Attendance:

George Roberts, Michelle Lewis, Julie Pinomaki, Carol Ives & Laura Jean

Business & Announcements:

George announces that Tony Roberts, our web master, will be unable to attend tonight’s meeting as he is ill. He will plan to join us next month to give us a lesson on how to use our new public web page and he will bring the dummy book for the Joyce Owen Project.

Julie and Michelle report they both had problems logging onto the public page.

Julie returns after being absent since April of 2005 when she had a baby.
The group is happy to have her back.

Carol had her first major art opening displaying her beadwork.

*DECEMBER Meeting Moved to Wednesday the 13th*
due to the holiday
Please mark you calendars.
Writing Exercise:
suggested/inspired by Michelle Lewis

“How Not to Become a Victim of Crime”

The group spent sometime on this exercise and then some shared what they had read.
Many of us embellished on the suggestions police make to the public some sarcastically and wrote and talked about personal experiences as victims of crimes.

The group talked about making a handout with our writing on the subject that could be distributed around town, on buses, newspaper stands, coffee shops etc.

So if you were unable to attend tonight’s meeting but would like to participate please feel free to do the exercise and post it or bring it next month to share and we can discuss moving forward with his idea.
Thursday, February 8th, 2007
11:56 pm
You ever feel like there is that something special missing from your day to day life?

Then suddenly it hits you, you realize what that something is a sort of magical moment a sort of epiphany.......

........suddenly you can taste it, smell it, see it's golden pours firmed up as it's true essence it's revealed after mere moments from when you pushed the lever down and the change, the transformation began.......

you can feel the chemical reaction......sparks fly....

suddenly there is a pop like a light bulb appearing in your minds eye and there you behold this little slice of wonder eagerly anticipating it's moment of truth.......

the butter.
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